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A trustworthy Islamabad based software development company provides cost-effective technology solutions and services including outsourcing and ERP solutions to its customers. The software development company provides solution to both large and small companies using latest technology (.Net, Php, Java, Oracle, MSSQL, Android, iOS) and best practices then convert this up to date knowledge into product shape that differentiate us from other companies available in the market.


The software development company not just provides the solution and walk away but also keeps in touch for long term support. Software Development Company has the best team with built capabilities to deliver the product / services as per user requirement. We have in-depth industry experience in software development which helps to develop long term relation with end users. Software Development Company provides services from consultancy to the end product.


Top Tips for Web Designing Startup

A well designed, responsive and sophisticated website can be used to interact with customers, display the company’ products and services, attract future customers, easily grab the visitors’ attention and will do extraordinary and wonderful things for the expansion of your business.

web design

Here are some tips to design a stunning website.

  • The website designing should be plain, simple and attractive. The use of unique designs, use of bold and lively colors on home page, a single color scheme for entire website and use of professional logo make your website stunning and outstanding.
  • Content is king and everything. The search engines rank the websites according to the content quality on web pages. A short paragraph of quality content is better than poor lengthy and unnecessary content. The use of engaging and attractive headlines, use of vibrant colors and illustrations, graphics, and large fonts make the content appealing, interested and eye catching. The content should be updated on regular bases because visitors do not take too much interest in old and outdated content.


  • The homepage should display the products and services of your business to make a great impression on visitors. It is essential for online product selling to use professional photos with clear caption and explanation. Make user friendly, mobile friendly and responsive website so that the visitors can easily access your business on all devices like android mobile, laptop, tablets and desktop etc.


  • The website structure should be organized, simple and attractive so that visitors can easily navigate through your website and get the required services. It is necessary to display all necessary information on the homepage using bullet points, large and clear bold fonts, and block letters to show important information about your company’s business.
  • Focus on website designing and development separately. Hire experienced web designer and professional freelance web developers expert in web designing, search engine optimization and web content management systems.


  • The loading speed of your website should be quick and fast. The visitors would not stay on your website when loading takes too much time. A good hosting service can improve and increase the load time rather than cheap hosting which make your site unreliable and slow.

Choose Technology for Desktop Application Development

The selection of Win32 and COM API or .NET is the base to create desktop applications like Excel, Word, and Photoshop that run easily in Windows desktop. The software houses in Islamabad use latest and up to dated techniques to create desktop applications. The latest and newest techniques used for desktop application development in Islamabad’s software houses are as follows:

Win32 and COM

The core Windows APIs like Win32 and COM are used to build desktop applications and to influence the flexibility and performance of the operating system.


This consistent and comprehensive programming model provides newest desktop applications and XML web services.



Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a unified programming model to build modern professional desktop applications on Windows. The current version of WPF is .NET framework.


 Azure is a global network of Microsoft managed data centers though which desktop applications are built, installed and managed. The Azure DocumentDB team is planning to announce that DocumentDB is HIPAA, ISO 27001, and EU Model Clauses compliant.

The Dynamic Windows UI, UX components and the latest input techniques are used to create a desktop application that uses useful controls, sharp visuals, and flexible inputs to produce a memorable user experience. The planned desktop application should be compatible to the latest operating systems. The Compatibility Cookbook consists of all changed and new features of the Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems.

Collaboration between SEO and PR

When we talk about the digital marketing Seo and PR work together more closely for the same business goal that is the success of SEO. These two teams combine forces to benefit each other as well as the business. There is strong collaboration between SEO and PR. The successful SEO business depends upon the quality content and outreach. PR specialist also familiar with these two techniques behind the success of SEO. There are different ways through which these two different teams help each other for the same business goal.


  • Education
  • Media outreach
  • Optimizing links in earned coverage
  • Aligning stories and messages
  • Amplifying and sharing quality content


Education is the most obvious way to combines SEO and PR. Media outreach is one of the responsibly of SEO and content marketer, but it is a capability your PR counterparts know and understand well. Influencer outreach is a significant element of any marketing strategy. The need of Influencer outreach depends upon the size of company. The large businesses hire more than one team handling said outreach.


The content marketing team should own the relationships with subject matter experts and bloggers while PR team should own the relationship with mass media outlets. The SEO and PR team should collaborate with each other to optimize the links in earned media coverage things or non-paid stories. SEO should choose links having keywords that boost the ranking and it is also the responsibility of SEO experts to make sure that PR is pulling the right URL to link and chosen links are nofollowed to avoid any search engine penalty.


The SEO experts should create multiple stories at the same time. SEO and PR teams should promote your brand through broader messaging and stories. Keep a content calendar that aligns with business priority and seasonality. It is the responsibility of PR specialist and content marketing to generate and share quality content to get organic traffic. PR can use on pages keyword rank changes to secure links to, and SEO can show how many more links and a piece of content are required along with efforts of PR.







Software House in Islamabad

The Software is considered a provider of Technology services along with business solutions. The need for software houses in Islamabad is increasing as the technology is advancing very rapidly. As a result software, house industry is flourishing and developing too. The Software houses in Islamabad apply latest methods, value-driven applications and techniques to boost their businesses and to get high ranking on different search engines like Google, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN etc. The services and facilities offered by software house include web designing and web development, Software Development technology and method including Mobile Application Development, Web skill, Graphics crafty etc, web hosting and domain name registration, e-Commerce and Expert SEO and  SEM Services to get more traffic for online presence. The success of the business depends on the performance of the team of the company so the web designers, web developers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, software testers and software analyst of software house should be qualified, highly technical and talented having creative and innovative ideas.

SEO Services in Islamabad

SEO services plays most important role for getting high ranking and more traffic on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN and Bing etc. There are numerous software houses in Islamabad which are providing best, fruitful, worry free and budgetary SEO services according to their customer requirements.

The team of SEO experts applies latest technological tools to get the target of high traffic. SEO experts use the techniques of keyword analysis and research, Mata data analysis, use of long tail and generic keywords, competition analysis, use of sitemap and robot.txt file, to monitor ranking of sites to check the website improvement and link building strategies and implementation for bringing the website on the top of search engines results.

Boost Exertion of Software Development Companies

There are many software development companies in Islamabad which are doing creative and extra ordinary work by using latest software development techniques. The team of web development made Websites on such latest techniques which grab the attention of visitors. So that visitors and clients stay on the website and generate profitable activities. Custom made technique is applied in making of world class websites. All designing features and graphics are selected according to business needs of their clients. Software development companies present relevant information to their visitors along with error free web development solutions.

web developmentContent Management Systems CMS are used to run websites which require frequent updating such as news, blogs, and e-commerce. This program hence facilitates accumulation, amendments, management and publishing of information of documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, and scientific data etc. Software development companies make the HTML pages after which program them with ASP and PHP. These companies present E-commerce solutions, custom website designing and development, web hosting, maintenance service of web sites and much more.

Optimizing Your Web Page

Optimization of a page is also an important task IN SEO. Optimization helps you getting ranking and traffic on your site. There are two types of page optimization in SEO that are on-page optimization and Off-page optimization. Optimization is done on each and every content of the pages, whether it is an image or a text. Every little entity needs optimization. There are following rules that are specified for page optimization.

1) Optimize each page

Every page on the website has its own importance. And every page is somehow linked to the other pages. Every page has its own ranking, its own keywords and most probably more importance than other pages so it is importance to each page on your website. Home page is mostly optimized for the competitive keywords in the market and other pages are optimized for their relevant keywords. Not only pages but their content also needs optimization.


2) On the Page Optimization

On the page optimization includes optimization of page codes usually Meta tags. We optimize page title tag, page heading tag, image tag, descriptions and other Meta tags. Every tag has its own importance.  Choose the most relevant and unique title tag for your page, write the Meta description that better matches your title and that is unique and user attractive. Different on page optimization algorithms are also used by SEO experts.

3) Use Keywords In Heading Tag

Use keywords in the heading tag and in the sub headings tag that are relevant to your page or website. This will make easy for web crawlers to search your site in results. Use keywords that catch user’s attention at very first sight. Use keywords that looks classy, attractive and straight.

4) Optimize URLs

Optimize your URLs according to the keywords. If you are using URL of your homepage then just use the Title of your website and if you are on the content pages of your site, then use the title of that content as your keyword for URL. But don’t double use it.

5) Use Natural Keywords

Always use natural and easy to read keywords for your website, because, complex and messy keywords can ruin the whole traffic and ranking of a website. Natural keywords are more searched and required keywords by search engines.

6) Avoid Relevancy

When google analytic or any other search engine sees any relevancy of content on your page, it quickly jumps to next page. So avoid the relevancy of content. Use the unique content for your page. Use the unique article or post that attracts Google as well as user’s attention.

7) Provide Great Content

The greater and the unique content is, the most you will get a chance of improve your linking. Use content that is lengthy but interesting and easily readable by users.  The minimum range for a content is 500 words and the posts that contains words more than 1000 consider as large post, but remember, Google give priority to the posts that contain almost 2000 plus words.

How to Design the layout of your page

The design and layout of a website is a creative and step by step process. Your whole business depends upon the arrangement of content on your site. First impression is the last impression so you should design a layout that attracts a customer at very first sight.

There are some steps that you should keep in your mind while designing the layout of your page.

Understand the Site

First you make sure that for what purpose and to whom you are going to develop or design a website. Then decide which kind of information you want to keep on your site. If it is for clients then note the requirements of the clients and then decide what you want to see in this website.

website designingContent for the Site

First you have to decide the content for your website. Are you wanted to use old or copied content or you want to create new content for your website. If it is new then you decide the parts of the website in which you want to place the content. Place the videos in the separate video portion and place pictures and texts in a separate portion. Don’t create mess, just do everything neatly.

Theme of Website

After selecting the content, decide the theme for your website. Select the color according to the nature of your business. Choose font and background colors in a good contrast. Don’t use colors that blur the text or that create mess on website. You can also use Slideshow on your webpage. You should choose a theme that better suites your business. Incorrect theme can destroy the impression of your business.

creative web designingCreate A site map

Site map gives you information about the number of links the relation between links on the website. It also gives information about the appearance of links on different pages. In Sitemap you can add page links in hierarchy if one link has categories or sub categories. Don’t create mess of links; each link should be clearly described and visible.

Home pages and Content pages

Mostly there is only one home page on every website. Home page is the very first page when we open a website. Home page gives an overview and description about the site and all the contents that are available on the site. While designing a website home page, it should be designed very attractively according to the user perspective. There should be no mess on home page. Each content must be placed on its own position. Content pages are those pages that directs to a specific content or information. There is no need to design enough the content pages.

Column in Layout

There could be single column, double column or three column layouts in the site. Every column contains different content and information of one column shouldn’t be mixed up with another column. Some column provides just overview, some provides detail and some provides description about the content. You can also use table in website to set content. Sometimes nested tables are used to display the content on the page.

Tests and Measures of Website before putting it on Web

Once your website has been developed your first priority would be put the site on the internet so that it could be available to everyone. Before putting your site on internet, you should take some tests and measures to check the operate ability of your website on different machines. Different tests that should be taken are:

Web DevelopmentMeta tags

Meta tags lie in the <head> and <body> elements. Meta tags are used to give descriptions about heading and body of the document. Meta tags have 8 attributes and they are name, schema, content, http-equiv, dir, lang, xml: lang and title. Some the Meta tags are important regarding SEO freindly Websites such as title, description, Alt tags etc.

Test your site

Different people have different versions and types of browsers and it is not necessary that your website will work on other’s computer too. So before you launch your website online, you should perform some test.

These tests are:

Validating HTML, XHTML and CSS

A validator checks that your code is according to W3C standards or not. Validator checks all the attributes, starting tags, end tags. Dream Weaver is the best validating tool for your pages.

Link Checking

You should check your link before and after hosting your website on web. There are many free and paid link checking services online on internet.

Checking Different screen Resolutions and Color depths

Different systems and different devices have different screen resolutions. Your website might appear bright to one system and dumb to the other one. You should build a website that could give bright resolution on every system.

Accessibility checking

Accessible website means that each and every content of your document must be readable and reachable by uses whether it is an image or a video.

Host Your Website on server

When you have done testing your sites, you will want to publish it online. What you don’t want to let public see it so that you can perform some other tests. After performing that tests, you may make your website available to public.

Checking different versions of Browser

Different websites didn’t work on every version of browsers. You should have installed latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer on your computer and test your website on these browsers.

Proof reading

If your website is commercial, you must hire a proof-reader to check the texts and types of your website. Stupid and silly content can affect the impression of readers.

Domain name registration

If your website is related to business then you must launch it to the public on internet. Domain names are registered by many companies. It can be free or paid. You can use different suffix along with your domain name e.g. .com, .net, .uk, .org and .edu according to your business.