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Website Development and Technical Requirements

A website or site is a set of Web pages that is hosted on Web server, usually available through the Internet. There are two kinds of websites.

  1. Static Website
  2. Dynamic Website

Static Website

This type of websites is the most basic and easiest to develop. Static websites contains fixed contents and display the same information to every user. User can write the URL on web browser and then click. Server returns the web pages in HTML form which are related to the address written by User. That is all what happened in Static Websites

  1. Advantages

Static websites are developed quickly. These are very cheap to develop and very cheap to host.

Dynamic Website

Through dynamic websites, Information can be changed time by time and according to user requirements. This is a big difference between static and dynamic website that information cannot be changed in static websites but in dynamic websites, It can be changed. Mostly large website is dynamic and they are easily to maintain. Administrator can easily change the information only through update the database.

Different important phases are being used in website development. These phases are

  1. Requirements Gathering

Client need website for his business to access the new market. He provides information related to his business. He has simply idea about the website but don’t know about other technical requirements which are very useful during web development.

  1. Analyzing

After getting the idea of client and requirements gathering, Analyzing team analyzes the requirements thoroughly. After detail analysis, some requirements are added.

  1. Designing

The most important phase is designing phase. Designer gets the requirements and makes the proper and efficient design which should be user attractive and easy to understand. Once the design is completed, no one can change it.

  1. Implementation

After designing phase, implementation or coding process is started. Developer starts coding according to the design which is provided by Designer.

  1. Testing

This is very important phase of the project. Through testing we can remove errors. Client needs error free website. That’s why Testing phase has great importance.

  1. Maintenance

Company provides Maintenance service to his client. Through this, Company can update his client. Maintenance service will increase revenue of the company.

Many companies related to IT, are proving services related to web development in Islamabad. These companies have best web developer’s team. These are very professional and hard working. They can accept any challenge to develop website. These companies hired very experienced web developers who have worked very hard to build a websites efficiently, on time and in available budget. Every IT company wants to hire best developers of the industry.

Every client wants to see the professionalism in his project. That’s why, he chooses the best Web development company which not only builds websites but company also provide a lot of other services like maintenance, trouble shooting and bug fixing support and installing new modules.

Now a day, Quality assurance has become an essential part of a professional’s work related to website development. Every company provides best quality related to web development and they knew the importance of the quality assurance. Company is responsible to complete development in giving deadlines to the client. This will increase the company’s reputation in the Industry.

Technical Requirements

Website is like an internet pamphlet which provides information about the company to the User. The company who develops websites should know the strength and principles of client’s business. So company must be very serious when decide to develop a website. So for this, Client clearly needs to clarify the web site requirements.

Requirements specification defines the rule and regulations of all web site requirements. It is like an agreement between Client and the web developing company. It defines all stages like website development, development tasks, coding rules and regulations, testing, Maintenance policy and project’s cost estimation methods. This makes work easier for both client and service Provider Company.

Some important points are

  1. Information related to Project

Different types of information like Project financing, time-frame for website development etc are defined.

  1. Website Scope and Goals

Scope and Goals must be defined.

  1. Website Characteristics

Website functions and conditions will be define is in this part.


Comparison between Static and Dynamic Programming Languages

There is confusion between words static and dynamic to describe the type systems of programming languages. Here we will discuss about these two types of programming languages in details.

In computer language the word static mean fixed while dynamic means capable of actions and/or change. Both terms are used for programming languages, web pages and different application programs. When a computer user requested a web page by entering URL in Address bar then server return the page in HTML form and browser displays it. On Static web page this is all while in dynamic web page you can change or do some other actions to the related page.

Static and Dynamic programming languages are high level languages that enables development of program in much simpler programming context. The biggest difference between both languages is name of variable. In static programming languages variable name is bound with both type and object but in dynamic programming languages variable is only bound with object. In static programming language, once a variable name is bound to a type it can be bound only to objects of that type. It can’t be bound to object of different type. Any attempt to bind the name of object to wrong type will raise an exception. In dynamic languages name is bound to object at execution time and it is possible to bind a name of objects of different types during execution of program.

Comparison between Static and Dynamic Programming LanguagesHere is an example of static and dynamic languages:

In static programming language, if name Studentname=5 is integer type then you can’t bind it with string type because it is an illegal approach. If Studentname is declared integer then you can’t change its type to string and if it is declared in string then you can’t change its type to integer. But in dynamic programming language there is no restriction and its perfectly fine.

StudentName = 5

StudentName =”Ali’

We can see that Dynamic approach is more advance and evolved, here are some advantages.

  • There is no need to compile and build. You just need to code and test followed by deploy to production.
  • The nature of variables allows the type to be determined at run time, it shows more flexible code.
  • Switch statement are not bound to single type.
  • It is more concise and attractive too.

Static Approach also has some Advantages.

  • The type is determined at runtime while dynamic languages have much runtime errors and take much more time to tracking down runtime errors.
  • Static languages are much faster than Dynamic languages.
  • Static languages make programmer more accountable while Dynamic language make programmer more hazard and encourages bad habits.

Static Programming languages are C, C++, java, C# and Objective-C.

Dynamic Programming languages are Python, Ruby and Java Script.

Are you promoting your Online Business being a CopyCat?

What is CopyCat?

Online marketing works for all type of businesses on web and nowadays people are keen to apply marketing strategies to beat their competitors. But! No one think while applying SEO techniques “are these techniques good or bad”? People are use to following competitors’ work. Following other’s technique is good for initial learning but through this you are not competing, but just following. This process makes us a “CopyCat”.

What is CopyCatThere is need to switch the mind and set to become a business marketer or builder. Focusing on your unique work instead of becoming a copycat is the key to business success. Took some deliverable steps for your specific goals being a smart marketer. Unfortunately, some online business website owners lean to obtain too obsessed on what the competition is doing. Limiting your work to competitors’ strategy is a wrong approach because no one knows it will work for business or not.

How to become a Smart Marketer?

In first step, setting smart goals for your business makes you a smart marketer. Even as there is a case for copying the works of a winning tactic, which you are sure, is essentially working and responsible for the outcomes, you ought to use it as an initial point from which to develop your own marketing approach.

Research based SEO

Research is the initial step of any SEO campaign. Research based SEO makes you able to learn what a competitor is doing and strategies he/she applying for business promotion. Instead of becoming a CopyCat, research makes you able to apply some different unique and your own techniques.

Keyword Research

Copying a key phrase from any other related website is not a good approach. Maybe that website uses common phrases those are not giving accurate result. You can never understand its search volume without keyword analysis. Must research key phrases and its volume and select suitable keywords before applying any SEO strategy. This research strategy presents a great opportunity for any online business to rank well for those keywords.

What is CopyCat in SEODisadvantages of CopyCat Marketing Strategy

Disadvantage of this strategy is defined above, but some other dangerous factors are:

  • It really is hard for you to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • This stifles innovation
  • It stifles creative imagination
  • It forces you to chase other sellers while never allowing you to actually overcome them
  • This prohibits proper planning, long-term marketing, and advertising efforts
  • It minimizes your capacity to establish an original brand, because you’re sp
  • ending your time and efforts on someone else’s model
  • It stifles growth as you are one of several

It helps it be difficult to pay attention to your goals along with your objectives

Drupal As the Most Powerful Content Management System

Drupal is the hardest yet most powerful open source solution for CMS available now days. It’s the second most used CMS after WordPress. Its free just like other open source option available but normally it is preferred by technical minded professionals having high level of expertise and ready to accept the challenges it offers for a perfect CMS development. Another thing that makes it a perfect choice is that it fits for all kind of blogs and content management portals ranging from simpler to difficult ones.

Some prominent reasons for which drupal is preferred may include;

  • It’s available to download free of cost and easy to install
  • It’s technically advanced as compared to other CMS solutions and uses less system resources
  • Drupal pages have much faster response times than WordPress and Joomla that results in improved performance
  • It can be easily customized with different themes and plug-ins.
  • It’s best suitable for all websites.

Some limitations associated with drupal include;

  • Drupal based websites require some basic programming knowledge of PHP or HTML
  • Troubleshooting is very difficult and require technical expertise
  • Needs web hosting to run your site as doesn’t provide option of website hosting on Drupal servers

As a beginner Drupal is not recommended but if you if you have plans to expand your services or business and will require more sophisticated features in website than Drupal is the best option.

Increase your Income Using SEO Experties

If you want to expand your company in the business way, all you have to do is promote your product or service. All this can be done by obtaining heavy traffic on your website. Most companies rely on the fact on having a heavy traffic on their website to get promotions and introduce more products and this is very productive also.

Relevant keyword search will instantly boost up your market value at a very high rate. People will be directed towards your site and if your site is amazing enough, it will make people stay and benefit you. The first job you have to do is know your audience, know your competition and where do you stand.

ID-100248225Buy some tools to get a faster keyword search. It will resultantly increase the bounce rate on your website and more people will be directed towards visiting it. Go for copywriting. Each keyword should contain an individual page that contains related information about it. This will let the users get more about your products and it will help them a lot when it comes to the final decision process.

imagesLink building is very time consuming. It is a strategy that can improve your website rankings and listings. You have to convince the users of a site somehow to visit and study your work. It takes a lot of energy and time and still you aren’t sure about the results. Alternatively, go for an online marketer who will make partnerships and get the links as well. There is very active competition and you have to make your website grow, this is the only option you have.

Keep an SEO consultant with you always that will suggest you how to improve your business online. He is an apparent online trader. He directs the tasks to specific people so it will give you a positive result for sure.

Yahoo has bought Flurry

Yahoo has thought of a tremendous change to increase its incoming revenue from mobile and desktop applications. It has decided to make a pact with Flurry; it is a mobile analytics company. This will help Yahoo gain and increase its advertising revenue related to its mobile products.


Flurry helps an organization get better with their ads and earnings by providing them relevant tools that assists publishers and developers learn more about the users of their apps. Flurry plays a digital matchmaker with the help of information provided between advertisers and publishers. This latest technology can be used to place ads, banners and video full-screen ads too.

This company says that it receives data on 1.4 billion devices and from 540,000 different apps worldwide. BBC, Pinterest and Skype also use its technology. Flurry will help Yahoo make more money as it will add some more personalized features to its apps and make it more entertaining. This will allow it to get better target ads.

Yahoo is very optimistic about its very new move about buying this company. It says that when completed, it will prove out to be very meaningful and will support our company which will lead to inspiring design of mobile applications with latest features. This brand will help them to reach their more desktop and mobile users.

Yahoo has not disclosed the terms of the pact but it says it will continue to serve the company and application developer community as well. They all have been focusing on Yahoo’s business to turn around make it grow. Mobile industry has not been a very strong source for Yahoo earning but they are planning now to change this trend.


The time period for which any website remains online, without any problems is called “up time”. It the most important constraint about any firm i.e. private or public. There are many important features one should know about choosing any web hosting company. This will help him choose the best one.

The web hosting company is much recognized from its ads. If any company buys its web space at a cheaper cost, do not go for it. It imposes its ads and ads are a synonym of junk or spam. This doesn’t give a good look. They lean to look your site such as there is something spam going on.

Web Hosting in IslamabadThe firm with which you are willing to go father, must provide a secure browsing i.e. the website should can the https:// tag instead of the http:// tag. ‘S’ stands for the secure browsing. And it provides a high level security.

The control panel of the web hosting firm should be very user friendly i.e. people accessing it should be able to get it easily. Since more of the users are newly introduced to the back-end of the internet, so they should be able to get the aspects of control panel easily. If you go for a dedicated server, then you need to have all the access and control over it already.

If the uptime of the server of the web hosting company is not 100% then at least it should be 99%. The company should tender a high bandwidth i.e. the amount of data transfer between the user and the server. The company should provide enough and relevant disc space to upload every type of image or video whether normal, HD or HQ. If it is offering more than the required space, then go for the company that requires less space.

Good news for Software Houses

All the software houses/companies that develop data management software for the organization related to healthcare services will get extra fares and funds from Finance Wales.

This offer was introduced by clinithink which is a worldwide healthcare technology provider with head offices in Atlanta, Georgia and London. They have already announced a further multimillion dollar fair play investment deal with Vanguard Atlantic and Finance Wales. This will help further in the growth and advertising of the company’s new data abstraction platform Clix Enrich.

The initial response to this delightful offer was overwhelming and this resulted in approaching existing investors for additional capital support.

The Clix Enrich platform, formed particularly for the healthcare industry, facilitates refined clinical investigation to support a wide range of business and clinical applications, health information exchanges, suppliers, payers and societies conducting medical research all benefit from the account data unlocked by Clix Enrich, ultimately leading to improved population health.

Innovative software ideas

The precise ideas and compelling characteristic prioritization is to conveying end-user quality and, eventually, manage income development. Software companies utilize ideas of development and services to gather end user condemnation, team up crosswise over capability, and approve item thoughts right off the bat in the development lifecycle.

Always developing, the product business strengths contending players from troublesome new companies to created pioneers to stay agile act rapidly and convey quality, client significant items.

Iterative and agile development strategies have helped diminish project dissatisfaction rates. Still, software companies, paying little respect to their size, need to discover better approaches to minimize hazard and abbreviate development cycles to finish projects on time and on financial plan.

Agile Culture of Innovation

Make an on-going, open discussion with clients concentrated on bringing about a noticeable development. Team up crosswise over capacities and adjust item advancement, advertising and administration to guide item techniques to achievement. Utilize ideal product to distinguish open doors for methodology changes or expense reserve funds.

Community oriented Development Process Streamline

Begin rapidly and effectively design your individual Web storms with remarkable user interfaces and element characteristics.

Practical Feature Prioritization

Get immediate, noteworthy criticism from your client base. Tap into their experiences, reveal underlying issues and drive maintenance through a two-way dialog. Decrease chances by accepting peculiarity developments right off the bat the whole time. Gather record and fare client information and measurements as premise for powerful choice making.

Things That Every Software Developer should do

It is critical in the realm of software development that each developer re-prepares and overhauls their aptitudes customarily. Disappointment to do so will presumably bring about stagnation and misfortune of profit over an augmented period.

There has been a huge movement throughout the last few years from development of usual desktop applications being composed in Windows Forms (WinForms) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to the web and mobile apps. Open models, including HTML 5 and CSS 3, have been driving another period in client experience and an extensive cluster of new gadgets are moving clients far from the desktop.

desktop apps developmentCreate your individual brand

Your individual brand is about other individuals’ impression of you. When you have recognized what your particular brand is, you may need to concentrate on enhancing those specific abilities, or you may need to venture out of your safe place and learn new aptitudes and show those new abilities to the individuals around you.

Get guaranteed

In the event that you need to request a top pay when looking for new business, getting ensured will provide for you an edge. Whilst getting confirmed is not the most important thing in the world, in case you’re trying for a well-paid employment and there are numerous hopefuls, being ensured will bail you emerge from the swarm.

Take in a web technology

The World Wide Web has never been as prevalent as it is today, and the development is as of now quickening. The most straightforward approach to focus available is with a site that gives items and/or administrations.

Polish your designing abilities

Applications and sites are turning into a considerable measure more plan centered and intelligent. Sites can represent the deciding moment a business, particularly new businesses, so they must be graphical, brilliant, and simple to utilize.

Set a profession objective

In the event that you need to go anyplace in life, it’s vital to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. You can do this by setting yourself a few objectives and making an arrangement on how you can accomplish them.

Buckle down, have a good time

Make beyond any doubt you buckle down and have a great time. Recall that you work in a standout amongst the most difficult and energizing businesses on the planet, so appreciate it.