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Month: July, 2014

Yahoo has bought Flurry

Yahoo has thought of a tremendous change to increase its incoming revenue from mobile and desktop applications. It has decided to make a pact with Flurry; it is a mobile analytics company. This will help Yahoo gain and increase its advertising revenue related to its mobile products.


Flurry helps an organization get better with their ads and earnings by providing them relevant tools that assists publishers and developers learn more about the users of their apps. Flurry plays a digital matchmaker with the help of information provided between advertisers and publishers. This latest technology can be used to place ads, banners and video full-screen ads too.

This company says that it receives data on 1.4 billion devices and from 540,000 different apps worldwide. BBC, Pinterest and Skype also use its technology. Flurry will help Yahoo make more money as it will add some more personalized features to its apps and make it more entertaining. This will allow it to get better target ads.

Yahoo is very optimistic about its very new move about buying this company. It says that when completed, it will prove out to be very meaningful and will support our company which will lead to inspiring design of mobile applications with latest features. This brand will help them to reach their more desktop and mobile users.

Yahoo has not disclosed the terms of the pact but it says it will continue to serve the company and application developer community as well. They all have been focusing on Yahoo’s business to turn around make it grow. Mobile industry has not been a very strong source for Yahoo earning but they are planning now to change this trend.



The time period for which any website remains online, without any problems is called “up time”. It the most important constraint about any firm i.e. private or public. There are many important features one should know about choosing any web hosting company. This will help him choose the best one.

The web hosting company is much recognized from its ads. If any company buys its web space at a cheaper cost, do not go for it. It imposes its ads and ads are a synonym of junk or spam. This doesn’t give a good look. They lean to look your site such as there is something spam going on.

Web Hosting in IslamabadThe firm with which you are willing to go father, must provide a secure browsing i.e. the website should can the https:// tag instead of the http:// tag. ‘S’ stands for the secure browsing. And it provides a high level security.

The control panel of the web hosting firm should be very user friendly i.e. people accessing it should be able to get it easily. Since more of the users are newly introduced to the back-end of the internet, so they should be able to get the aspects of control panel easily. If you go for a dedicated server, then you need to have all the access and control over it already.

If the uptime of the server of the web hosting company is not 100% then at least it should be 99%. The company should tender a high bandwidth i.e. the amount of data transfer between the user and the server. The company should provide enough and relevant disc space to upload every type of image or video whether normal, HD or HQ. If it is offering more than the required space, then go for the company that requires less space.

Good news for Software Houses

All the software houses/companies that develop data management software for the organization related to healthcare services will get extra fares and funds from Finance Wales.

This offer was introduced by clinithink which is a worldwide healthcare technology provider with head offices in Atlanta, Georgia and London. They have already announced a further multimillion dollar fair play investment deal with Vanguard Atlantic and Finance Wales. This will help further in the growth and advertising of the company’s new data abstraction platform Clix Enrich.

The initial response to this delightful offer was overwhelming and this resulted in approaching existing investors for additional capital support.

The Clix Enrich platform, formed particularly for the healthcare industry, facilitates refined clinical investigation to support a wide range of business and clinical applications, health information exchanges, suppliers, payers and societies conducting medical research all benefit from the account data unlocked by Clix Enrich, ultimately leading to improved population health.