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Top Tips for Web Designing Startup

A well designed, responsive and sophisticated website can be used to interact with customers, display the company’ products and services, attract future customers, easily grab the visitors’ attention and will do extraordinary and wonderful things for the expansion of your business.

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Here are some tips to design a stunning website.

  • The website designing should be plain, simple and attractive. The use of unique designs, use of bold and lively colors on home page, a single color scheme for entire website and use of professional logo make your website stunning and outstanding.
  • Content is king and everything. The search engines rank the websites according to the content quality on web pages. A short paragraph of quality content is better than poor lengthy and unnecessary content. The use of engaging and attractive headlines, use of vibrant colors and illustrations, graphics, and large fonts make the content appealing, interested and eye catching. The content should be updated on regular bases because visitors do not take too much interest in old and outdated content.


  • The homepage should display the products and services of your business to make a great impression on visitors. It is essential for online product selling to use professional photos with clear caption and explanation. Make user friendly, mobile friendly and responsive website so that the visitors can easily access your business on all devices like android mobile, laptop, tablets and desktop etc.


  • The website structure should be organized, simple and attractive so that visitors can easily navigate through your website and get the required services. It is necessary to display all necessary information on the homepage using bullet points, large and clear bold fonts, and block letters to show important information about your company’s business.
  • Focus on website designing and development separately. Hire experienced web designer and professional freelance web developers expert in web designing, search engine optimization and web content management systems.


  • The loading speed of your website should be quick and fast. The visitors would not stay on your website when loading takes too much time. A good hosting service can improve and increase the load time rather than cheap hosting which make your site unreliable and slow.

How to Design the layout of your page

The design and layout of a website is a creative and step by step process. Your whole business depends upon the arrangement of content on your site. First impression is the last impression so you should design a layout that attracts a customer at very first sight.

There are some steps that you should keep in your mind while designing the layout of your page.

Understand the Site

First you make sure that for what purpose and to whom you are going to develop or design a website. Then decide which kind of information you want to keep on your site. If it is for clients then note the requirements of the clients and then decide what you want to see in this website.

website designingContent for the Site

First you have to decide the content for your website. Are you wanted to use old or copied content or you want to create new content for your website. If it is new then you decide the parts of the website in which you want to place the content. Place the videos in the separate video portion and place pictures and texts in a separate portion. Don’t create mess, just do everything neatly.

Theme of Website

After selecting the content, decide the theme for your website. Select the color according to the nature of your business. Choose font and background colors in a good contrast. Don’t use colors that blur the text or that create mess on website. You can also use Slideshow on your webpage. You should choose a theme that better suites your business. Incorrect theme can destroy the impression of your business.

creative web designingCreate A site map

Site map gives you information about the number of links the relation between links on the website. It also gives information about the appearance of links on different pages. In Sitemap you can add page links in hierarchy if one link has categories or sub categories. Don’t create mess of links; each link should be clearly described and visible.

Home pages and Content pages

Mostly there is only one home page on every website. Home page is the very first page when we open a website. Home page gives an overview and description about the site and all the contents that are available on the site. While designing a website home page, it should be designed very attractively according to the user perspective. There should be no mess on home page. Each content must be placed on its own position. Content pages are those pages that directs to a specific content or information. There is no need to design enough the content pages.

Column in Layout

There could be single column, double column or three column layouts in the site. Every column contains different content and information of one column shouldn’t be mixed up with another column. Some column provides just overview, some provides detail and some provides description about the content. You can also use table in website to set content. Sometimes nested tables are used to display the content on the page.