Website Development and Technical Requirements

A website or site is a set of Web pages that is hosted on Web server, usually available through the Internet. There are two kinds of websites.

  1. Static Website
  2. Dynamic Website

Static Website

This type of websites is the most basic and easiest to develop. Static websites contains fixed contents and display the same information to every user. User can write the URL on web browser and then click. Server returns the web pages in HTML form which are related to the address written by User. That is all what happened in Static Websites

  1. Advantages

Static websites are developed quickly. These are very cheap to develop and very cheap to host.

Dynamic Website

Through dynamic websites, Information can be changed time by time and according to user requirements. This is a big difference between static and dynamic website that information cannot be changed in static websites but in dynamic websites, It can be changed. Mostly large website is dynamic and they are easily to maintain. Administrator can easily change the information only through update the database.

Different important phases are being used in website development. These phases are

  1. Requirements Gathering

Client need website for his business to access the new market. He provides information related to his business. He has simply idea about the website but don’t know about other technical requirements which are very useful during web development.

  1. Analyzing

After getting the idea of client and requirements gathering, Analyzing team analyzes the requirements thoroughly. After detail analysis, some requirements are added.

  1. Designing

The most important phase is designing phase. Designer gets the requirements and makes the proper and efficient design which should be user attractive and easy to understand. Once the design is completed, no one can change it.

  1. Implementation

After designing phase, implementation or coding process is started. Developer starts coding according to the design which is provided by Designer.

  1. Testing

This is very important phase of the project. Through testing we can remove errors. Client needs error free website. That’s why Testing phase has great importance.

  1. Maintenance

Company provides Maintenance service to his client. Through this, Company can update his client. Maintenance service will increase revenue of the company.

Many companies related to IT, are proving services related to web development in Islamabad. These companies have best web developer’s team. These are very professional and hard working. They can accept any challenge to develop website. These companies hired very experienced web developers who have worked very hard to build a websites efficiently, on time and in available budget. Every IT company wants to hire best developers of the industry.

Every client wants to see the professionalism in his project. That’s why, he chooses the best Web development company which not only builds websites but company also provide a lot of other services like maintenance, trouble shooting and bug fixing support and installing new modules.

Now a day, Quality assurance has become an essential part of a professional’s work related to website development. Every company provides best quality related to web development and they knew the importance of the quality assurance. Company is responsible to complete development in giving deadlines to the client. This will increase the company’s reputation in the Industry.

Technical Requirements

Website is like an internet pamphlet which provides information about the company to the User. The company who develops websites should know the strength and principles of client’s business. So company must be very serious when decide to develop a website. So for this, Client clearly needs to clarify the web site requirements.

Requirements specification defines the rule and regulations of all web site requirements. It is like an agreement between Client and the web developing company. It defines all stages like website development, development tasks, coding rules and regulations, testing, Maintenance policy and project’s cost estimation methods. This makes work easier for both client and service Provider Company.

Some important points are

  1. Information related to Project

Different types of information like Project financing, time-frame for website development etc are defined.

  1. Website Scope and Goals

Scope and Goals must be defined.

  1. Website Characteristics

Website functions and conditions will be define is in this part.