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Month: June, 2015

Comparison between Static and Dynamic Programming Languages

There is confusion between words static and dynamic to describe the type systems of programming languages. Here we will discuss about these two types of programming languages in details.

In computer language the word static mean fixed while dynamic means capable of actions and/or change. Both terms are used for programming languages, web pages and different application programs. When a computer user requested a web page by entering URL in Address bar then server return the page in HTML form and browser displays it. On Static web page this is all while in dynamic web page you can change or do some other actions to the related page.

Static and Dynamic programming languages are high level languages that enables development of program in much simpler programming context. The biggest difference between both languages is name of variable. In static programming languages variable name is bound with both type and object but in dynamic programming languages variable is only bound with object. In static programming language, once a variable name is bound to a type it can be bound only to objects of that type. It can’t be bound to object of different type. Any attempt to bind the name of object to wrong type will raise an exception. In dynamic languages name is bound to object at execution time and it is possible to bind a name of objects of different types during execution of program.

Comparison between Static and Dynamic Programming LanguagesHere is an example of static and dynamic languages:

In static programming language, if name Studentname=5 is integer type then you can’t bind it with string type because it is an illegal approach. If Studentname is declared integer then you can’t change its type to string and if it is declared in string then you can’t change its type to integer. But in dynamic programming language there is no restriction and its perfectly fine.

StudentName = 5

StudentName =”Ali’

We can see that Dynamic approach is more advance and evolved, here are some advantages.

  • There is no need to compile and build. You just need to code and test followed by deploy to production.
  • The nature of variables allows the type to be determined at run time, it shows more flexible code.
  • Switch statement are not bound to single type.
  • It is more concise and attractive too.

Static Approach also has some Advantages.

  • The type is determined at runtime while dynamic languages have much runtime errors and take much more time to tracking down runtime errors.
  • Static languages are much faster than Dynamic languages.
  • Static languages make programmer more accountable while Dynamic language make programmer more hazard and encourages bad habits.

Static Programming languages are C, C++, java, C# and Objective-C.

Dynamic Programming languages are Python, Ruby and Java Script.


Are you promoting your Online Business being a CopyCat?

What is CopyCat?

Online marketing works for all type of businesses on web and nowadays people are keen to apply marketing strategies to beat their competitors. But! No one think while applying SEO techniques “are these techniques good or bad”? People are use to following competitors’ work. Following other’s technique is good for initial learning but through this you are not competing, but just following. This process makes us a “CopyCat”.

What is CopyCatThere is need to switch the mind and set to become a business marketer or builder. Focusing on your unique work instead of becoming a copycat is the key to business success. Took some deliverable steps for your specific goals being a smart marketer. Unfortunately, some online business website owners lean to obtain too obsessed on what the competition is doing. Limiting your work to competitors’ strategy is a wrong approach because no one knows it will work for business or not.

How to become a Smart Marketer?

In first step, setting smart goals for your business makes you a smart marketer. Even as there is a case for copying the works of a winning tactic, which you are sure, is essentially working and responsible for the outcomes, you ought to use it as an initial point from which to develop your own marketing approach.

Research based SEO

Research is the initial step of any SEO campaign. Research based SEO makes you able to learn what a competitor is doing and strategies he/she applying for business promotion. Instead of becoming a CopyCat, research makes you able to apply some different unique and your own techniques.

Keyword Research

Copying a key phrase from any other related website is not a good approach. Maybe that website uses common phrases those are not giving accurate result. You can never understand its search volume without keyword analysis. Must research key phrases and its volume and select suitable keywords before applying any SEO strategy. This research strategy presents a great opportunity for any online business to rank well for those keywords.

What is CopyCat in SEODisadvantages of CopyCat Marketing Strategy

Disadvantage of this strategy is defined above, but some other dangerous factors are:

  • It really is hard for you to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • This stifles innovation
  • It stifles creative imagination
  • It forces you to chase other sellers while never allowing you to actually overcome them
  • This prohibits proper planning, long-term marketing, and advertising efforts
  • It minimizes your capacity to establish an original brand, because you’re sp
  • ending your time and efforts on someone else’s model
  • It stifles growth as you are one of several

It helps it be difficult to pay attention to your goals along with your objectives