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Software Development Solutions

A trustworthy Islamabad based software development company provides cost-effective technology solutions and services including outsourcing and ERP solutions to its customers. The software development company provides solution to both large and small companies using latest technology (.Net, Php, Java, Oracle, MSSQL, Android, iOS) and best practices then convert this up to date knowledge into product shape that differentiate us from other companies available in the market.


The software development company not just provides the solution and walk away but also keeps in touch for long term support. Software Development Company has the best team with built capabilities to deliver the product / services as per user requirement. We have in-depth industry experience in software development which helps to develop long term relation with end users. Software Development Company provides services from consultancy to the end product.


Choose Technology for Desktop Application Development

The selection of Win32 and COM API or .NET is the base to create desktop applications like Excel, Word, and Photoshop that run easily in Windows desktop. The software houses in Islamabad use latest and up to dated techniques to create desktop applications. The latest and newest techniques used for desktop application development in Islamabad’s software houses are as follows:

Win32 and COM

The core Windows APIs like Win32 and COM are used to build desktop applications and to influence the flexibility and performance of the operating system.


This consistent and comprehensive programming model provides newest desktop applications and XML web services.



Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a unified programming model to build modern professional desktop applications on Windows. The current version of WPF is .NET framework.


 Azure is a global network of Microsoft managed data centers though which desktop applications are built, installed and managed. The Azure DocumentDB team is planning to announce that DocumentDB is HIPAA, ISO 27001, and EU Model Clauses compliant.

The Dynamic Windows UI, UX components and the latest input techniques are used to create a desktop application that uses useful controls, sharp visuals, and flexible inputs to produce a memorable user experience. The planned desktop application should be compatible to the latest operating systems. The Compatibility Cookbook consists of all changed and new features of the Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems.

Collaboration between SEO and PR

When we talk about the digital marketing Seo and PR work together more closely for the same business goal that is the success of SEO. These two teams combine forces to benefit each other as well as the business. There is strong collaboration between SEO and PR. The successful SEO business depends upon the quality content and outreach. PR specialist also familiar with these two techniques behind the success of SEO. There are different ways through which these two different teams help each other for the same business goal.


  • Education
  • Media outreach
  • Optimizing links in earned coverage
  • Aligning stories and messages
  • Amplifying and sharing quality content


Education is the most obvious way to combines SEO and PR. Media outreach is one of the responsibly of SEO and content marketer, but it is a capability your PR counterparts know and understand well. Influencer outreach is a significant element of any marketing strategy. The need of Influencer outreach depends upon the size of company. The large businesses hire more than one team handling said outreach.


The content marketing team should own the relationships with subject matter experts and bloggers while PR team should own the relationship with mass media outlets. The SEO and PR team should collaborate with each other to optimize the links in earned media coverage things or non-paid stories. SEO should choose links having keywords that boost the ranking and it is also the responsibility of SEO experts to make sure that PR is pulling the right URL to link and chosen links are nofollowed to avoid any search engine penalty.


The SEO experts should create multiple stories at the same time. SEO and PR teams should promote your brand through broader messaging and stories. Keep a content calendar that aligns with business priority and seasonality. It is the responsibility of PR specialist and content marketing to generate and share quality content to get organic traffic. PR can use on pages keyword rank changes to secure links to, and SEO can show how many more links and a piece of content are required along with efforts of PR.







Software House in Islamabad

The Software is considered a provider of Technology services along with business solutions. The need for software houses in Islamabad is increasing as the technology is advancing very rapidly. As a result software, house industry is flourishing and developing too. The Software houses in Islamabad apply latest methods, value-driven applications and techniques to boost their businesses and to get high ranking on different search engines like Google, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN etc. The services and facilities offered by software house include web designing and web development, Software Development technology and method including Mobile Application Development, Web skill, Graphics crafty etc, web hosting and domain name registration, e-Commerce and Expert SEO and  SEM Services to get more traffic for online presence. The success of the business depends on the performance of the team of the company so the web designers, web developers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, software testers and software analyst of software house should be qualified, highly technical and talented having creative and innovative ideas.

Increase your Income Using SEO Experties

If you want to expand your company in the business way, all you have to do is promote your product or service. All this can be done by obtaining heavy traffic on your website. Most companies rely on the fact on having a heavy traffic on their website to get promotions and introduce more products and this is very productive also.

Relevant keyword search will instantly boost up your market value at a very high rate. People will be directed towards your site and if your site is amazing enough, it will make people stay and benefit you. The first job you have to do is know your audience, know your competition and where do you stand.

ID-100248225Buy some tools to get a faster keyword search. It will resultantly increase the bounce rate on your website and more people will be directed towards visiting it. Go for copywriting. Each keyword should contain an individual page that contains related information about it. This will let the users get more about your products and it will help them a lot when it comes to the final decision process.

imagesLink building is very time consuming. It is a strategy that can improve your website rankings and listings. You have to convince the users of a site somehow to visit and study your work. It takes a lot of energy and time and still you aren’t sure about the results. Alternatively, go for an online marketer who will make partnerships and get the links as well. There is very active competition and you have to make your website grow, this is the only option you have.

Keep an SEO consultant with you always that will suggest you how to improve your business online. He is an apparent online trader. He directs the tasks to specific people so it will give you a positive result for sure.

Yahoo has bought Flurry

Yahoo has thought of a tremendous change to increase its incoming revenue from mobile and desktop applications. It has decided to make a pact with Flurry; it is a mobile analytics company. This will help Yahoo gain and increase its advertising revenue related to its mobile products.


Flurry helps an organization get better with their ads and earnings by providing them relevant tools that assists publishers and developers learn more about the users of their apps. Flurry plays a digital matchmaker with the help of information provided between advertisers and publishers. This latest technology can be used to place ads, banners and video full-screen ads too.

This company says that it receives data on 1.4 billion devices and from 540,000 different apps worldwide. BBC, Pinterest and Skype also use its technology. Flurry will help Yahoo make more money as it will add some more personalized features to its apps and make it more entertaining. This will allow it to get better target ads.

Yahoo is very optimistic about its very new move about buying this company. It says that when completed, it will prove out to be very meaningful and will support our company which will lead to inspiring design of mobile applications with latest features. This brand will help them to reach their more desktop and mobile users.

Yahoo has not disclosed the terms of the pact but it says it will continue to serve the company and application developer community as well. They all have been focusing on Yahoo’s business to turn around make it grow. Mobile industry has not been a very strong source for Yahoo earning but they are planning now to change this trend.

Good news for Software Houses

All the software houses/companies that develop data management software for the organization related to healthcare services will get extra fares and funds from Finance Wales.

This offer was introduced by clinithink which is a worldwide healthcare technology provider with head offices in Atlanta, Georgia and London. They have already announced a further multimillion dollar fair play investment deal with Vanguard Atlantic and Finance Wales. This will help further in the growth and advertising of the company’s new data abstraction platform Clix Enrich.

The initial response to this delightful offer was overwhelming and this resulted in approaching existing investors for additional capital support.

The Clix Enrich platform, formed particularly for the healthcare industry, facilitates refined clinical investigation to support a wide range of business and clinical applications, health information exchanges, suppliers, payers and societies conducting medical research all benefit from the account data unlocked by Clix Enrich, ultimately leading to improved population health.

Innovative software ideas

The precise ideas and compelling characteristic prioritization is to conveying end-user quality and, eventually, manage income development. Software companies utilize ideas of development and services to gather end user condemnation, team up crosswise over capability, and approve item thoughts right off the bat in the development lifecycle.

Always developing, the product business strengths contending players from troublesome new companies to created pioneers to stay agile act rapidly and convey quality, client significant items.

Iterative and agile development strategies have helped diminish project dissatisfaction rates. Still, software companies, paying little respect to their size, need to discover better approaches to minimize hazard and abbreviate development cycles to finish projects on time and on financial plan.

Agile Culture of Innovation

Make an on-going, open discussion with clients concentrated on bringing about a noticeable development. Team up crosswise over capacities and adjust item advancement, advertising and administration to guide item techniques to achievement. Utilize ideal product to distinguish open doors for methodology changes or expense reserve funds.

Community oriented Development Process Streamline

Begin rapidly and effectively design your individual Web storms with remarkable user interfaces and element characteristics.

Practical Feature Prioritization

Get immediate, noteworthy criticism from your client base. Tap into their experiences, reveal underlying issues and drive maintenance through a two-way dialog. Decrease chances by accepting peculiarity developments right off the bat the whole time. Gather record and fare client information and measurements as premise for powerful choice making.